Natural Grass-Fed Holstein Beef

Our grass-fed beef is grass-finished, tender, juicy, and healthy.  No hormones, no stimulants, and no additives. Snug Valley Farm offers packaged, frozen retail cuts all processed under inspection.

Black & White Holsteins

How does our beef get so tender and juicy? It begins with our choice of breeds, the ubiquitous Holstein. You may believe that black and white patterning belongs solely on a milking cow and so did we. Imagine our delight when we discovered that it’s a source of delectable, lean yet juicy beef.

Because of the Holstein’s popularity as a dairy cow, we are able to source all of our calves from family dairies, raising the bull calves that would otherwise be sent directly to slaughter.

The Calf Barn

They’re moved into our calf barn at just a few days old, an environment that is carefully controlled to keep the air fresh and at the right temperature, where they bed down in stalls filled with sawdust and fresh, clean straw. If it’s particularly cold, they wear blue jackets known as ‘calf cozies’ (yes, that’s as cute as it sounds). Here, the calves are fed milk powder and water twice a day until they’re ready to graduate to the outdoors in the spring.

Snug Valley Farm Calf in Cozy
A Very Cozy Cozy Calf

Summer Pasture

At around four weeks old, they still drink milk, but are now fed some second-cut hay as well as they gradually progress to eating only grass. This is also when they learn to respect the fencing so that they can be put onto pasture for summer and fall. Winter residency is closer to the house, in three-sided pack barns with a large outdoor area where they consume huge round bales of Snug Valley hay. On very cold nights, we often find them outside cuddled up with a hay feeder.

Yearlings begin rotational grazing the following spring. They are moved to a new paddock every three or four days to give them access to the lushest grass and to allow time for the paddock left behind to regrow, much like a frequently mown lawn.

Throughout their 24-30 months at Snug Valley, our steers are fed green grass in summer and our own hay in winter. We provide mineral salts and kelp supplements year round, which keeps our steer healthy without feeding antibiotics.

Our Cuts

We have a large selection of cuts for retail and wholesale.  Special requests are also welcome.  All of our grass-fed beef is grass-finished and tasty.

Look for The Frozen Butcher at Vermont Farmer's Markets

Ground Beef – Ground Beef Patties – Ground Round
Short Ribs
Stew Beef – Kabobs
Shanks – Ox Tail
Beef Liver – Beef Heart – Beef Tongue

Tenderloin – Tenderloin tips – Rib Eye Steak – Porterhouse – Hanger Steak – Strip Steak – T Bone – Sirloin (boneless) – Sirloin Tip – Tri Tip Sirloin Steak – Shaved Steak (Round Steak) – Flank Steak – Flat Iron Steak – London Broil – Eye of the Round Steak –  Round Steak – Skirt Steak – Thin Slice (Round Steak)

(available by special order)
Tenderloin Roast – Rib Eye Roast (boneless) – Sirloin (boneless) – Sirloin Tip Roast – Top Round Roast – Eye Round Roast – Bottom Round Roast

Hot Italian Beef Sausage – Sweet Italian Beef Sausage
Please be careful not to overcook beef sausage. Treat it like medium rare hamburgers.

Aging and Packaging

Snug Valley Farm Package icon
Look for this icon on our package labels

We use Brault’s Slaughterhouse in Troy, VT, where our beef is dry aged, trimmed, cut, weighed and sealed into our retail packages, entirely under inspection. Our meat products are aged at temperatures between 38-40 degrees Fahrenheit for two weeks and then carefully cut up and immediately frozen in cryovaced retail cuts.